positionsthatdeterminesleepSleep is absolutely essential for every human being.  You need to sleep every day and sleeping is so important to you that lacking it could shorten your life.  Despite scientists still not figuring out the process entirely, we still know a lot about this daily activity.  Some facts about sleep really surprise me.  Such as, sleep positions may determine your personality.  The most common positions (pictured from left to right):

  • Fetal (41%):  People are gruff initially, but have warm and open hearts
  • Log (15%):  Social butterflies
  • The Yearner (13%):  Perceived as open, but truly suspicious
  • Soldier (8%):  Reserved
  • Freefall (7%):  Fun and fantastic at parties
  • Starfish (5%):  Excellent listeners

The preceding was taken from Pyschologydegree.net

Sweet Dreams tonight regardless of your sleeping position!