Wolf’s Adjustable Bed Base/Foundation

Wolf’s adjustable foundation is a premium line base offering many features for the best customized comfort in the bedroom, creating the ultimate sleeping experience.  Whether you’re reading a book, watching TV, using your wireless device (batteries not included) or just want to change your sleeping angle for enhanced comfort, the Wolf adjustable base is sure to improve your quality of rest.  The base is covered in a brown upholstery fabric, has a single deck design and is split horizontally.  With the wireless remote (batteries not included), this adjustable bed frame makes it easy to find your most comfortable sleeping or resting position, letting you raise or lower the bed with the touch of a button.   Enhance your comfort and relaxation with the head and foot massage capabilities with timer, intensity and frequency adjustments.  Enjoy the Zero Gravity Position, an automatic adjustment to a relaxed position with minimal pressure on body joints or the Quiet Sleep where the unit slightly lifts just the head to allow better air flow, minimizing restrictive air passage.   The Wolf Adjustable offers great reliability and durability featuring an 880 pound load capacity.   Wolf’s Adjustable offers a 20 year limited warranty.  All Wolf Mattresses can be used with the Wolf Adjustable Base.