Wolf USF Futons

Nature and technology.  Wolf has found a way to bring these two opposing forces together with USF cotton.  A revolutionary natural fiber made stronger and more resilient through technology.  Found exclusively in Wolf futon mattresses, the USF Fiber Process creates a more consistent and better performing product. Thanks to the natural simplicity of cotton, it breathes better and stays cooler than foam filling.  Our exclusive machinery and hi-tech processing then makes the cotton strong and resilient, yet surprisingly lightweight.  So futons will last longer and be easier to use. Choose from a variety of styles and covers.

Searching for the perfect complement to your futon frame? Look no further than this to discover the variety of futon mattresses available through Wolf. Using only top-quality components, Wolf has over 150 years of production experience.  Wolf is an innovator:  all of the futons are compressed, rolled, packaged and shipped providing ease in both shipping and installation.  Enjoy the comfort for years to come! All Wolf futons contain the following:  100 % cotton fiber especially blended to provide superior comfort and resiliency;  18 machine tufts to provide durability and prevention of lumps and shifting of materials; full border box construction provides excellent tailoring and comfort; all futon mattresses are double sided and can be flipped.  Proud to say Made in the USA!

Futon Color Options:

USF 6000

The Wolf USF 6000 is a 6″ futon mattress comprised of Wolf’s own cotton batting that provides a medium soft sitting and sleeping surface.

USF 8200

The Wolf USF 8220 (USF-3) Futon is a 8″ mattress  with 2, 2″ high density CertiPUR foam cores surrounded by 4 layers of Wolf’s own cotton batting to provide a medium firm surface.

USF 8440

The Wolf USF 8440 (USF 4) Futon Mattress is an 8″ mattress that contains 2, 2.25 pieces of CertiPUR convoluted foam surrounded by 6 layers of Wolf’s own cotton batting.




USF 8500

The Wolf USF 8500 (USF-7) Futon Mattress is an 8″ mattress with a wrapped foil innerspring core surrounded by 2 layers of high density CertiPURfoam which is covered by 3 layers of Wolf’s own cotton batting to provide a very comfortable sitting and sleeping surface.


USF 8744

The Wolf USF 8744 (USF-17) Futon mattress is an 8″ mattress with Wolf’s cotton batting as a core surrounded by 2, 2.25 inches of CertiPUR convoluted foam, surrounded by Visco or memory foam and then covered in Wolf’s cotton batting.  Creates a wonderfully comfortable, soft surface.