Sweet Flippable Mattresses

Double-sided mattresses used to be the standard, but over the past 15 years the new normal has become a one sided mattress. One sided mattresses are not meant to be flipped, as they are built from the ground up in a certain way that is not symmetrical. Although this style of mattress is becoming the standard, many still prefer the freedom of the double-sided mattress which can be flipped to provide a fresh surface and also increase the longevity of the mattress. One can debate about the virtues of both, but we at Wolf Corporation believe that the benefits of a double-sided mattress far outweigh those of a single sided one.

Few companies still manufacture double-sided mattresses, but Wolf Corporation provides a great selection at a variety of price points. If you are one who has yet to buy into the memory foam craze, and the type who prefers the design and comfort of double sided innerspring mattresses, check out our offerings.

Our starter double-sided mattress contains a 288 high profile innerspring unit as its core and then is surrounded by CertiPUR foam and Wolf fiber products on both sides. Moving up the scale, Wolf offers several double-sided mattresses that contain a wrapped coil unit as its core. Wrapped coil units provide less partner disturbance than traditional innerspring units. Wolf Corporation’s newest double-sided mattress has a Plush Side and a Firm Side. This is perfect for the online consumer who is hesitant about purchasing a mattress without being able to “try it out” first. The consumer is now provided with a “choice” of sleeping surfaces in one mattress at a reasonable price. See the attachment below to find out more about the Wolf Dual Rest mattress!

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