Sleep deprivation is no laughing matter, though it can leave you feeling so out of it you laugh at the strangest things. One of the other side effects from sleep deprivation is sleep walking. Somnambulism, or sleep walking, is a behavioral disorder. This particular disorder is more common in children than adults, so it is possible a sleep walking child may grow out of it.

Sleep walking is triggered during deep sleep. Often a sleep walker will perform strange or complex tasks while asleep. Such behavior could be seen in a person walking around while asleep to more serious actions like opening a door and walking out of a building.

If sleep deprivation is the cause, then the solution can be as simple as switching to a newer Wolf mattress. For other simple tips and tricks on combating sleep deprivation and its side effects, be sure to check out our other blogs, and of course, always consult a physician to make sure the changes in habit or medication are right for you.